Big White Rabbit Candy

The White Rabbit candy would probably represent my childhood. They’ve been around since 1943 and kids just love them! There use to be ads on the TV which I thought was the coolest candy, and they were always seemed as treats for me because I wasn’t allowed to eat a lot of sweet things when I was younger. Most Asians will know this brand, it’s so famous!

Why are they so special?

Anyone who eat this for the first time would of course take the top wrapping off, and then try to take off the transparent paper that’s attached to the candy…… you are not suppose to do that. You are suppose to eat the inside wrapping with the candy….

The transparent paper is called a wax paper made from sticky rice, which made this candy so different to the other candies!


They wrapped this paper around the candy is probably because to stop the candy from sticking to the wrapping in the old days where candies might get sticky easily and wrapping might not be stick resistant. but in nowadays, things are different.

However this the white rabbit candy carried on their traditions to wrapping this paper around the candy!  and sometimes I only want to eat the wrapping alone, not because it taste good, but because it’s so fun!


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