Paper Vessels by Romy Kühne

Another Tijdelijk Arnhems Collectief discovery from Dutch Design Week 2009came in the form of these fabulous origami-inspired paper vases and tea set by talented designer, Romy Kühne. Thanks to Romy who was sweet enough to respond to my emails, and shared with me a few images of her beautiful, intricately-folded vessels. Check below for more details.

romy kuhne paper tea set

Romy’s tea set whose folded edges are outlined in blue is a material and surface response to the traditional blue-and-white glazed china set, but in paper.


rohmy kuhne paper vases tea set process

the various studies of tea cups


romy kuhne process 2

To create a watertight container, Romy applies a hardener such as polyethylene coating often used in the food packaging industry.

romy kuhne process

the folding process


romy kuhne process

the vase and vessel studies


romy kuhne process 5

romy kuhne paper vases

The series of vases

View Romy’s extensive portfolio here


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