Daphne: A sculpture on stairs

Photos: 24 ° Studio.

Delicate sculptural installations might not be what first comes to mind when we think of Greek islands, so all the more reason to visit the Art Biennale on the Greek island of Santorini.

24 ° Studio has developed this hollow, self-supporting structure from paper stars which incorporate LED back lights. Visitors to the Biennale walk through the tunnel when they ascend the stairs to the “Kastelli”.

The sculpture contrasts beautifully with the heavy masonry of the old structure and the lights give the impression of a structured vapour or snow cloud. The paper also seems to breath as it responds to a breeze or a change in humidity.

The sculpture draws attention to an innocuous architectural space in a most gentle yet magical way.

Detail of the tunnel.

Sculpture on the stair.

Sculpture in the passage.

Person in the tunnel.

At the top of the stairs.

Detail of the light pattern.

Site plan.

Side elevation.


Visulation in 3D.


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