Cardboard decorative storage

Cardboard continues to show us that it knows no bounds, and this cute little treasure chest by cARTón muebles ecológicos is another great example of how with the right amount of creativity, the corrugated material can be transformed into a coveted piece of decor. Led by Zafra Miriam, cARTón muebles ecológicos focuses on using cardboard to create permanent pieces that are durable and can bear a tremendous amount of weight — all while being very lightweight themselves. Each piece incorporates recycled cardboard and newspaper, a mix of white glue and flour paste, and a small amount of gesso for smoothing the surface, sealed with water-based polyurethane. Designs are custom-made, and clients can work with Miriam to create a piece that meets their size and decor needs. Check out her site here for more information and to see other pieces!


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