Hyper-Realistic sculptures

Bert Simon has made an art out of fashioning hyper-realistic sculptures of the people around him. Almost like sculpting clones, the eerie pieces by the Rotterdam-based artist are made using paper and a special software developed to map the human face. Jump ahead to learn more about how these fantastic paper people are made!

Bert Simon, 3D, paper sculptures, biodegradable material, paper clones, paper people, Art, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost, paper

Combining his own creativity and digital techniques, the Design Academy of Eindhoven grad (from the ‘man and Living’ department) Bert Simon turns plain paper into life-like biodegradable sculptures.

Local fashion designer and friend, Rozemarijn Lucassen, was one of the first people chosen to be a ‘clone’. Simon first mapped her face using a sophisticated tracking technology and then fed the data into a computer. Then using specially developed software, he constructed the subject’s contours and printed a flattened 3D illustration on paper. The paper was then cut, folded and glued it into a 3D shape.

It takes Simon about three days to complete a paper figure.

+ Bert Simon


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