Magazine Sculpture

South Korean artist Yun-Woo Choi creates mind-bending three-dimensional sculptures out of rolled-up recycled magazines. Captivated by theoretical physics and the notion of multiple dimensions (14 in all, according to scientists), Choi uses his art to explore the possibility that emotions, dreams and even god occupy some kind of invisible space. And he does all this without creating a pile of waste.

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Using resin, wire and recycled newspapers and magazines, Choi creates 3-D sculptures that are at once ephemeral and actually quite solid. The giant funnel that protrudes from a wall looks very similar to Alicia Martin’s book sculptures that appear to pour out of walls – at least in terms of its apparent strength.

Since 2006, the first year that the New York School of Visual Arts graduate began displaying his recycled art pieces, both the scale and complexity of his projects have expanded. Two years ago he told Volume Black that he is partly inspired by Anish Kapoor, Tara Donovan, and Tom Friedman. Absolutely amazing work, no?

+ Yun-Woo Choi Studio

Via My Modern Met



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