Organic Bowl

This beautiful decorative bowl is manufactured by Domingos Totora and his team in the idyllic mountain village of Maria da Fe, Brazil. Domingos’ products are deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and renewable organic cycles, and his process is certified sustainable. The bowl is made of recycled cardboard that is turned into a pulp and then formed into the shape. One of our most popular items, it has received extensive press coverage and has been shown all over the world, including during MoMA’s Destination Brazil.

Domingos Totora and his workshop in Maria da Fe have a special place in our hearts. Not only is he a great human being and friend, we find him to be a true example of what sustainable design should be about. In Domingos Tótora’s work, discarded cardboard is mixed with water and glue. The resulting pulp, is the base for a “new material” that is wood-like in quality. The designer developed the material after noticing the great amount of cardboard being discarded by local businesses. The resulting pieces of furniture, objects and sculptures are hand-made by local craftsmen under the direction of Domingos Tótora. The certified sustainable process, is a good example of the initiatives that have recently taken place in Brazil, promoting craftsmanship to generate income for the underprivileged populations, while at the same time respecting the environment. It has social and environmental dimensions, which should be key issues when evaluating design nowadays. Domingos’ work used to primarily focus on decorative pieces, Zoë works with Domingos and provides him with input and feedback on his pieces and pushes him to develop different utilitarian products as well. The Agua Table is a nice example of such a product. In addition to product development, TOUCH works with Domingos on communications and representation.


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