Graduation Show Preparation

Grad Show Preparation….So after 8 weeks of researching on Paper and the influence of social technology, we’ve finally made it to the Grad Show preparation stage!

Firstly, we came up with the idea of an origami based set-up, where we used Quick Response Code (QR) around the show to direct people in folding various types of origami.

Other students became interested in the idea and so we merged groups. We are very happy to have Maia Ratana and Phil Howatt joining our group.

Feel free to check out their blogs too 🙂

Maia’s blog on her experiences  as a Maori architecture student:
Phill’s blog on Architecture & Food:

After our initial idea, we did further research had more discussions. We stumbled upon a video that had previously been posted on this blog before. It’s Kiel Johnson’s installation “Everyone’s an Architect” at TEDActive 2012. Have a look!

Kiel’s installation is a real inspiration to us, and so we decided to adapt his idea. However, instead of New York City, we’ve decided to base it on Auckland City.

Work benches with paper, cardboard and other tools will be provided around the large site of Auckland City, allowing all visitors to make and add to Auckland City. QR codes will be placed around the room, each code will give a different category, as well as image. These will act as “helpers” as they give inspiration to visitors and giving them ideas of what to make.

Although we haven’t finalised this concept with our lecturers yet, we plan to discuss with them soon. Hopefully they will like it and give us the “go ahead”!


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