Eco Paper Wallet

I saw this wallet in Ponsonby the other day, stylish concept!

+ 100% Recyclable
+ Water / Tear / Stain Resistant
+ 100 % VEGAN
+ Light – Super slim and expands with use
+ 2 Card Pockets – 16 + cards
+ 1 Bill compartment – Holds all currencies

+ Writeable

Super Slim >> Expands with Use

Shop @



I had a look online, now they come in tablet cases and laptop cases too!

Laptop Case


Tablet case

If you want to make your own wallet, go to or here are the instructions:



2 responses to “Eco Paper Wallet

  1. Sorry for comment about other thing in your good blog but can you please say how did you put a thumbnail in your posts in Home page of this theme?

  2. hi there, for the thumbnails in the post, you must add the pictures manually via “Upload/Insert” tool at the top of where you would normally write your post. you cant just copy and past images directly.
    another tip is to use really large images.

    hope this helps 🙂

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