Hello and Welcome to our blog!

This blog is run by two Third Year Architecture Students (Desmond Lam & Villa Yan) who are studying at Unitec Institute of Technology. We are currently in our last semester of our Bachelor’s degree and are very happy to part of the 2012 iArchi[tech]ture course led by Lester Mismash and Annabel Pretty.

We established this blog in order to explore and record our chosen topic PAPER. Furthermore, we wanted to explore the role individually and socially connected digital identities have in the role of an architect, and explore the benefits of connecting to a world-wide architecture community using current internet and mobile technologies.

Based on our research and discoveries on paper, we will also develop an interactive show or display for our institute’s annual end of year Graduation Show.

So you’re probably wondering, why paper? We believe Paper is one of the most versatile materials in the world with many uses. It is lightweight, strong, malleable and has a rich history.

It is a very important educational tool and plays a huge part in the field of architecture. We can write and draw on it, rip and manipulate it in many ways. This has led us both to be very interested in paper, which is why we have chosen to blog about it.

Please feel free to visit our concept presentation on Prezi.com, and the birth of our blog. http://prezi.com/hbbsvxccxzhf/iarchitecture-paperise/

Thanks again for visiting, we hope you find it interesting and inspirational! PAPERISE 2012, over and out!


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